Create an outdoor living room for summer

Create an outdoor living room for summer

This summer, make the most of South Australia’s balmy nights by adding an outdoor living room.

A few simple additions to your back garden can make it feel like you have an extra room in your home. Read on for some outdoor living room ideas and inspiration to match different budgets. 

How to create an outdoor living room:

First, plan your space

Before you add an outdoor living room, look at how the light falls in your garden. Use this to decide where to put shelter from the sun. For example, if you prefer to sit outside in the late afternoon, make sure you don’t create your outdoor living room in a spot where the sun will be in your eyes. 

Your shelter options include shady trees and plants, outdoor ‘sails’, collapsible outdoor umbrellas, retractable shades or roofing. Some families even build a three-walled room as an extension of their home to block out the sun’s harshest rays and create a blend of indoor/outdoor living. 

Add flooring

An outdoor living room tends to work best when it is close to the house and has a hard surface. 

Extend or add a deck, or look at creating a tiled area. Grass is ok, but you may find you encounter more creepy crawlies than you would like to. Always check with your council before building a deck or other outdoor structures. 

Choose your plants

Your outdoor living room can be a living, breathing entity. Add a herb garden or raised bed for some easy gardening and you’ll have ingredients to choose from.

Children love an outdoor project, so think about how you can get them involved. Start with some simple and easy-to-grow plants from Mount Gambier plant nursery. Some options to choose from include rosemary bushes, garlic, shallots or lemongrass. Native plants that you can grow and eat include seaberry saltbush, native pigface and muntries.

Add some furniture

Outdoor furniture needs to be reasonably weather-resistant, so shop with this in mind. Look for a sturdy table and chairs that are easy to wipe down. Another idea is to choose removable cushions that can be put away when they’re not being used. Outdoor rugs are great in summer to make your covered outdoor living space more comfortable, and weatherproof covers will protect your furniture from the elements when not in use. 

Eddie’s Furniture is a local vendor with some great outdoor furniture options, from couches to swinging seats and dining tables large and small. 

Lighting and lanterns

These days, you can choose from a range of options to light up your backyard, from downlights and wall lights to inground lights. Work with a local consultant to plan your outdoor lighting and refer you to an electrician who will install a convenient lighting solution for you. We like Mitre 10 in Mount Gambier for a great range of lighting options.

You can add some ambience with strings of fairy lights, lamps and candles. Be careful where you place them and kill two birds with one stone by choosing citronella candles to repel the enemy of the outdoor living room – mosquitos. 

Don’t forget the kitchen sink

It’s common for people to bring their entire kitchens outdoors these days. A fridge, sink and cupboards can be built in as well alongside your barbecue so you can move your cooking outside on summer nights. Bi-Rite in Mount Gambier is the place to go for kitchen appliances. 

Bonus idea: Backyard movie night

If you have the wall space, find a projector, grab the popcorn and plan an outdoor movie night! Invite your friends and family to make it a special event. If you don’t have a blank wall, get creative with some white sheets

The other benefit of an outdoor living area is the value it will add to your home – if you are thinking of buying or selling, get in touch with us today.

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