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Easy ways to update your kitchen without renovating

Easy ways to update your kitchen without renovating

Easy ways to update your kitchen without renovating

Want to add value to your property without spending too much? One of the best strategies is to update your kitchen without renovating it completely. 


A quick upgrade is an excellent idea if you’re looking to sell. Even if you want to stay for a while, a refresh will make your kitchen a more inspiring place to cook and spend time. The challenge is introducing a new look without overspending. 


How can I make my old kitchen look updated?


Focus on the walls: A fresh coat of paint is often the easiest path to a quick upgrade. In 2022, nature-inspired hues are all the rage, and green is a popular tone for kitchens. Consider painting or respraying your cabinet doors, or adding green to the splashback and walls. 


Wallpaper: Wallpaper can bring some vitality to an open-plan home by adding a touch of fun or elegance. You’ll find your kitchen looks completely different after this minor upgrade, but choose something neutral if you are planning to sell. 


New cupboard doors: Most kitchen cupboard doors are easily and cheaply replaced. Stylish new doors modernise a rundown old kitchen in a flash. For a modern feel, go for sleek doors with minimal visible hardware. Press-open doors, barely visible pull tabs, or small finger slots are on-trend right now thanks to their streamlined looks.


Fresh benchtops: Tired benchtops make a kitchen look drab and dirty. A new countertop will spruce up your kitchen and can be cost-effective if you go for a simple stone or crisp laminate. This year, try mixing and matching benchtop styles and colours. If you want to be right on trend, avoid plain white and choose something with a bit more personality, but if you’re selling, keep it neutral. 


New lighting: You can transform any room with clever lighting. Consider putting some downlights under shelves to light up the workspace – this can make food preparation much easier and safer. Pendant lights look great over a kitchen island, if you have the space.



Add an island: Speaking of islands, these are practical and modern. If you have room, an island will make a world of difference to the way you cook and give you extra storage space. You also have a brand new breakfast bar and a great place for your friends to sit with a drink while you catch up. Alternatively, an antique table can add some rustic charm to your kitchen. 


Bring nature inside: Add some greenery to your kitchen with some hardy houseplants. A small herb garden can also be a practical way to add some greenery with the added benefit of fresh produce to use when you’re cooking.


Update your pantry and utensils: Go through those cupboards and get rid of everything you don’t need or use, then reorganise and pick up a few essential items to complete your perfect kitchen. You can do the same thing with your pantry and fridge. By reorganising and restocking, you can make your kitchen feel brand new. 


Open cupboards: Open cupboards and shelves are cheap and easy to install and can turn your kitchen into a whole new space, particularly if you use them to display artwork and your favourite vases, bowls and other items. Mesh cupboard doors are also popular this year as an alternative to open cupboards.


As the saying goes, ‘kitchens and bathrooms sell houses’. You need your kitchen to give a great first impression if you want to achieve top dollar. Fresh countertops, paint and cabinet doors are the most cost-effective way to achieve this without doing a full renovation, and can make a huge difference to the look and feel of this space. 


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