12 ways to improve your home’s entrance

12 ways to improve your home’s entrance

A winning front entry will wow guests right from the get-go. It creates an important first impression of your home, and it’s also essential to get this area of your home right if you are preparing for a home sale.

So how do you improve your home’s front entrance?

Add a mirror

A smart home entry idea if your entrance is on the small side is a mirror. Mirrors are a reliable way to make a room feel bigger, as they give the illusion of depth while also bouncing light around the space. Try leaning a large mirror on the floor, or hanging an oversized one on the wall.

Include a drop zone

Every entryway can use a table or drop zone. Console tables or narrow hall tables are the best choices – a clear console table will also create an illusion of more space.

Have a seat

If you have the space, consider placing seating in your entry. A handy bench is the perfect way to make it easier to take off shoes, and a shoe rack underneath will keep things tidy.

Add some storage

The entryway can be a functional space – built-in cupboards are a great option to keep your entrance looking uncluttered. A series of cubbies for kids to leave their school bags, hats and shoes also works well. Another option is an old-fashioned hall stand where you can hang hats, store umbrellas and leave your keys.

A dash of colour

Your choice of colour will make all the difference to any room. The right shade can give your room depth, whether it’s dark walls and a light ceiling, dark furniture against light walls, or bold contrasting stripes.

Light up

A well-lit entry will make for a more welcoming space. Ceiling lights are usually the best choice in areas without much floor space, or a hall lamp on your table. You can use mirrors to reflect light in or hang stylish fittings. Whatever you choose, your entry should be warmly lit and welcoming.

Look at your walls

Beautiful wallpaper is a classic way to add a pop to any entry, and a light background can help the entry feel more spacious while still making a bold statement. Because it is a smaller space, you can get creative with wallpaper in your entryway, so don’t be afraid to try something different here.

Find a beautiful rug

If your home has a less defined entryway, use a rug to define the space. Open plan living can eliminate entryways, so laying a rug will create the feel you are looking for.

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Get organised

As well as hooks, add some baskets with lids or a small chest of drawers or shoe cabinet (IKEA has lots) to keep your entry looking organised. And don’t forget a drawer, bowl or basket for keys and wallets when you come home.

Use your entryway as an art gallery

The right art can make a bold statement when guests enter your home. Consider an inspirational theme, children’s framed drawings or a family portrait collection to make it feel like home. Your entry is also perfect for a gallery wall – one large piece can be particularly striking. Choose something you love so you enjoy it every time you walk through the door.

Add some greenery

In the past few years, house plants have been more popular than ever because so many people have been stuck at home. A houseplant can create an easy transition from an outside to an inside space – just make sure they don’t overwhelm the space by being too large.

Consider a mudroom

If you have two entrances, consider making one into a mudroom. Mudrooms are designated spaces for taking off and storing muddy boots and wet weather gear, and can also hold all your coats, shoes and umbrellas.

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