Easy landscaping tricks to improve your investment property

Easy landscaping tricks to improve your investment property

In Mount Gambier, many rental properties are family homes. Being a regional centre means less apartment living and more multi-bedroom houses. This also means more backyards.

Many property owners neglect landscaping when it comes to their rental properties, yet some basic landscaping can significantly affect the asking price and appeal of a rental property.

Here’s a list of landscaping tips that have the potential to increase the rental income for your investment.

Think about the kids

Family homes mean kids, and kids need somewhere to play. All it takes is a large, clear area of lawn for parents to be able to send the kids outside. A lawn can house play equipment or simply offer space to run around.

Flattening the ground and laying turf is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create a manageable rental property garden. Your tenants will appreciate this as much as you do.


Mount Gambier residents enjoy mild weather, but some shade is still welcome. A simple addition such as an awning or sunshade can keep the sunnier patches of the garden useable all year round.

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You could also consider putting some basic seating under the shaded area. With some sturdy outdoor furniture, you can create an appealing alfresco area that any tenant would enjoy. A recent episode of Selling Homes Australia created a lovely fire pit surrounded with limestone blocks that would definitely add a talking point.


Watering the garden is your tenant’s responsibility but your problem! If you rent to a family that lacks a green thumb, you may find yourself constantly battling to keep the garden maintained. The easier it is to water and maintain the garden, the better. Installing reticulation can save you and your tenants a whole lot of hassle so invest in as much automation as possible.

Low maintenance plants

A low-maintenance garden is the best idea for an investment property all around. Choose hardy natives that suit the Mount Gambier climate and need little care, and look after your property’s trees. It may be tempting to remove all plants and trees, but remember, they are appealing, lower the temperature of the garden and provide shade.


The Hills Hoist is an Australian classic but it can take up valuable lawn space. All the same, tenants will appreciate a clothes drying area. Choose a retractable clothesline or create a specific space in the sunniest spot in the garden. Often one side of the house will receive the most sun, so if there is space there, it can be the best place for a clothesline.

Add a shed

If your property doesn’t have much storage, consider adding a small shed. They are cheap and easy to assemble and potential tenants will know they will have somewhere to securely store a lawn mower, bicycles and other outdoor bits and pieces.

Garden beds

Raised garden beds provide the option for keen gardeners to get to work while being easy to ignore for those less inclined.


A clear path to the front and back door is an easy way to add appeal to potential renters. It will also help keep dirt out of the house.


If your property doesn’t have a practical parking bay, put one in. Tenants will want somewhere to park the family car, and all it takes is clearing and paving a flat area accessible from the street. Be aware that you may require council permission to erect a garage.

Bin storage

Bins are an inevitable part of life. However, no one wants to see or smell them. Tenants prefer a property with a handy nook for tucking bins away and out of sight.

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You will be surprised at how little it can all cost to upgrade your rental property garden. You can find bricks or pavers for cheap on Gumtree. Shade sails are easy, effective, and inexpensive. Roll-on lawn can be bought for very little and added to a garden, with no expertise necessary.

If you have a quality property manager, they will help you out by clearly defining your tenant’s responsibilities when it comes to the garden. This way, it will be cared for and you can arrange for regular maintenance from a third party if necessary.

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