Essential garden jobs for a spring home sale

Essential garden jobs for a spring home sale

Planning to sell your Mount Gambier house this spring? Don’t forget about your garden. The work you do around your home can contribute to its value and the price people are willing to pay.

You don’t need to do a huge overhaul but there are some changes you can make as the weather warms up to create that all-important first impression. Here’s what to do:

Freshen up the grass

Lush, fresh turf that is evenly mowed looks great and sets the tone for the entire property. See if you can lay some new rolls or spend some time with the lawnmower as part of your home sale preparation. Some kind of irrigation may be required to have your grass looking its greenest come spring.

Blue Lake Turf is one provider in Mount Gambier that instantly transforms properties with roll out turf.

Add soil

If your garden beds are looking tired, top them up with some fresh soil or mulch. The strong contrast against the lawn looks lovely and it will give your garden a more fertile look.

To keep your plants healthy, it may make sense to use a combination of compost and soil. However, be wary of using something that doesn’t smell so great. You don’t want people to be overwhelmed when they walk into your backyard.

Use planter boxes for herbs

It can be frustrating to invest in a home you’re about to sell but you can set the scene with some planter boxes that can leave with you when you relocate.

Herbs like rosemary, basil, parsley and chives are easy to grow and look great when sitting in a planter box that can be seen from inside your home.

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Brighten things up with flowers

The strategic addition of plants and bushes can bring a burst of colour to your outdoor areas in spring. Some plants that flower at this time of year include:

  • Acacia
  • Crimson Bottlebrush
  • Native lilac
  • Native daisy
  • Blue dampiera

These are all natives that thrive in South Australia so they will be able to withstand the local weather conditions, and they should be easy to source.

Sculpt the outdoor space

A retaining wall or a deck can turn a plain backyard into a more interesting space. If you have a family home, a covered play area and a garden shed will add to the appeal.

You can also find ways to set areas apart for outdoor living. Some paving, outdoor furniture and an umbrella or retractable awning display the potential for a relaxing ‘extra room’ that can be enjoyed when the sun is out. These days, many people are looking for outdoor living that flows well from the inside of the house.

Take a look at our article on outdoor living spaces for more inspiration.

Don’t forget to weed and tidy

If you don’t have time or budget for any of the above, at the very least you need to rake leaves, pull out weeds, trim hedges and get rid of any plants that are dead or dying.

Have a look around and see if your walkways and paving can be repaired to improve access to the home. It will probably also be worthwhile to borrow or hire a gurney and give paths and driveways a pressure wash. Check your fence and gates – could they do with a lick of paint, some varnish or a new set of hinges?

If you have a pool, check the fence meets regulations; buyers will be looking out for this so you may as well get a couple of steps ahead.

Nice gardens sell homes

To sell your home for more, you need to impress. The outside of the home is the part they will see before they go in, so plan your pre-spring upgrades strategically and wow buyers with pretty flowers, neat garden beds and lush grass.

Need help to sell your Mount Gambier home in spring? Reach out to our team at Complete Real Estate today.

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