Get your house ready for a spring sale

Get your house ready for a spring sale

It may still be summer, but if you want to sell your home towards the end of the year, now is the time to start preparing. By doing the groundwork now, you won’t find yourself rushing around in September. 

Spring is generally regarded as the best time of year to sell homes. Flowers are in bloom, making your garden look its best, people are emerging after winter, and buyers are keen to get settled in their new home before Christmas. 

How do I get my house ready to sell?

Take a tour of your property and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the property clean and decluttered?
  • Are there any structural issues that need fixing?
  • Do any renovations need doing?
  • Could the kitchen or bathroom do with a facelift?
  • Are there smells or pet odours to eliminate?
  • Is there rubbish or other debris in the yard or around the property?
  • Can the garden be re-planted to make the most out of spring?
  • Are fittings or fixtures tired and old?
  • Is there old furniture that can go?
  • Do the pool and deck meet safety regulations?
  • How is the ‘street appeal’?

Once you’ve noted what needs doing, prioritise and get to work. Your property agent can also let you know what to focus on and where to spend money so your home is ready for a spring sale. Here at Complete Real Estate we are always happy to put vendors in touch with local tradespeople who can help with larger repair jobs. 

Some of the tasks you’ll be working on could include pressure washing your driveway, painting inside and out, replacing an old front door and organising repainting – do it a few months in advance and you’ll get to enjoy it, too!

Getting rid of rubbish

One of the things to do six months before selling your house is to get rid of large rubbish. The last thing you want is a large skip or a pile of junk ready for verge collection when you are trying to sell. 

After a successful trial in 2021, the local council has yet to confirm whether bulk rubbish pickup will resume in 2021. In the meantime, Mount Gambier has plenty of local businesses ready to take away your garbage. Try Jim’s Rubbish Removal, Cleanaway Mount Gambier, or We Load Rubbish Removals.

Recycle what you can

You don’t have to throw all your rubbish away. Plenty of items may still be of value, so you can always take them to a local op shop. The Salvos, Vinnies, and Lifeline all have shops in Mount Gambier as well as local stores like Blue Gum Trading Post, Blue Lake Secondhand Shop, and Hidden Treasures.

Don’t forget to stop in at the Mount Gambier ReUse Market. They accept functional furniture at no charge to resell. They are right next to the waste transfer station, so it is easy to drop things off on your way to the tip.

Avoid these common traps when preparing your home for a spring sale:

  • Too much decluttering: Decluttering is a fine line. A well dressed property should still feel like a liveable home.
  • Being hard to find: Help people spot your property and give them faith that others will find it if they move in. A house number should be visible from the street and match the style of your property.
  • The wrong window coverings: Heavy curtains or drapes can make rooms feel dark and small. Make sure to use light, airy curtains to help every room look its best.
  • Overdressing: Some people go to great lengths to stage and dress their property. Sometimes a little too much. A fully laid dining table, for example, runs the risk of acting as a distraction from the actual property.
  • Overcapitalising: Don’t spend so much on upgrades that you lose out when you sell.

Should you sell in 2022?

The past year saw massive growth in the Australian real estate market, and Mount Gambier was no exception. According to sales figures, our area saw an average increase of around 13 per cent. From December 2020 to Nov 2021, close to 700 homes in the area sold, according to and the buyers are definitely out there. Former city dwellers are still heading to the country to work flexibly or remotely, and we’re seeing more first-time buyers, too, making 2022 the perfect time to sell.

Contact us today for more tips on selling your home this spring.

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