Working with Marika from Complete Real Estate was great! We were first time sellers and second time buyers and our story was very complicated and long. We lost our agent as soon as the house was sold, but no contracts were completed and so things got very messy very quickly, the people buying our house had many, MANY issues with their bank and even though Marika was not our agent for that house she gave us advice and basically helped us to sell the house even though she was from another real estate agent!

She was constantly in contact with us about both houses, even through the Christmas and New Year holiday break. Marika never ‘disappeared’ as some do which can be/ is very frustrating.

Marika went well beyond her needs for us and I could not highly recommend her enough to anyone wanting to sell, buy or rent.

If everyone was as organised, friendly and hard working as Marika there would never be any hick-ups!

Thank you Marika.

Friendly and hard working | Sheree & Earl |