What does a property manager do?

What does a property manager do?

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If you are venturing into property investment for the first time you may be wondering if you need a property manager.

Some people choose to manage their own properties, but as a landlord you do have legal responsibilities, and it can be a lot of work finding tenants, organising repairs, collecting the rent as well as keeping track of current legislation. A good property manager will stay on top of these responsibilities for you. They will find the ideal tenants for your property and qualify their references. They will also collect the rent, be a point of contact for tenants in emergencies, and organise repairs and regular inspections to protect your investment.

At Complete Real Estate we know how to find great tenants, giving our clients a steady rental income without the stress. We also stay on top of current legislation to ensure both tenants and landlords are protected. If you are looking for an investment property, or property management services, please contact us.

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