Who’s buying property in Mount Gambier?

Who’s buying property in Mount Gambier?

If you want to sell your home in Mount Gambier, it helps to know who is buying. 

Our thriving regional centre is gaining traction as a highly desirable alternative to city living and the property market is healthy. So who is buying what in Mount Gambier?


As a result of the pandemic, Mount Gambier is a tempting option, with many Australians seeking to leave the city for more freedom and a slower pace. In the past, first-home buyers would have aimed to buy or rent affordable property in urban areas. With many young professionals now able to work from home, more of them are seeking a relaxed regional lifestyle and the space that goes along with it.

First-home buyers are an excellent demographic to target if you have a more modest home. Without the need to commute to and from a city job, Mount Gambier offers these buyers the perfect opportunity to get their foot in the door of the property market. Not only this, first-home buyers grants are making buying property affordable for more young people.

There is interest right now from first-time buyers who want a simple home that they can either pay off quickly or upgrade when it’s time to add to their family. 

Young families

Many young families can’t afford a home with a garden in the city. Mount Gambier offers an affordable option for young families to buy a home with plenty of space outdoors for the kids.

Mount Gambier is appealing to young families for the following reasons:

  • Superb access to green spaces and nature
  • Long-standing infrastructure with schools, shops and all the amenities a family could need.
  • New developments going up around Suttontown and Glenburnie

Prices in Mount Gambier are on the rise, so now is the right time to sell to a family that wants to live the dream.

You may need to make a few adjustments to your home to appeal to a family, but we can discuss this when you decide to sell.

Rental investors

With the regional hospital and the University of South Australia campus-based in Mount Gambier, rental properties are always in demand. Investors looking for properties to rent out are snapping up homes near the hospital and the university. Hospital workers and students are always looking for well-kept rental properties. If you are selling an apartment or a smaller home, investors are a good option to target.

Tree changers and builders

It’s not only young professionals fleeing the cities in the post-COVID environment. Many older couples are looking for a regional tree change, and Mount Gambier is a perfect choice. Surrounded by stunning countryside, these buyers find Mount Gambier a very appealing option.

Mount Gambier also offers the opportunity for older couples to finally build their dream home. With so many people priced out of the cities, Mount Gambier is an ideal place to build. If you have a block to sell, an older house that can be quickly demolished, or a sub-dividable block, this may be your key demographic to target.


Don’t discount current Mount Gambier residents as potential buyers when you sell your home. From young to old, you’ll find a transaction easier with a local who knows the area.

Interstate buyers

Lots of buyers are coming to Mount Gambier from interstate these days. With Melbourne almost as close to Mount Gambier as Adelaide, it is no surprise that many Victorians are choosing this location. Work with an agent who will advertise far and wide, especially in Melbourne.

The right time to sell your home in Mount Gambier

The Mount Gambier market is buoyant and properties are selling fast. With almost every demographic you can think of looking to buy, there has been no better time to sell your home.

Looking to sell real estate in Mount Gambier? Complete Real Estate will craft a campaign that reflects your target buyer. Contact us today.

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